Temple Table

Temple Table

The great temple, a palatial complex lying south of the Colonnaded Street, is thought to be completed in the early first century CE under the rule of the Nabataean king, Aretas IV and was used as a representative royal reception hall. The rectangular complex inspired Dad’s Woods ‘Temple table’, standing on column-like bases, resembling the great temple’s four frontal columns.

Nabatean Temple Table - Sketch
Material & Measurement




(**Please provide info as below)

Frame Style: ‘L, Stump,
Frame Material: Wood, Steel, Plastic

Cushion: 30 – 35 kg/m3,
Stuffing Option: Choice of Foam, Cotton, Fibre


(**Please provide info as below)

The sofa measure 210 cm of lenght, 90 cm of depth and 78 cm of height.
Weight : 54 kg.
The height of the seat is 40 cm

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