The Foundation Collection


Edith Chew & Eugene Chan, Founders of Ceed Design and designers of The Foundation Collection in collaboration with Dad's Woods

The collection that is inspired by ancient dry stone masonry

A collaboration between Ceed Design and Dad’s Wood

Founded in 2001 by Edith Chew & Eugene Chan, Ceed Design is a Penang based interior design & architect firm, that pioneered minimalist & wabi-sabi aesthetic in Penang. The couple has over the years introduced simplicity & authenticity to the interior scene in Penang, producing work with the elegance of natural materials and drawing refined balance between living spaces and the elements of nature.

Ceed Design & DAD’S WOODS has come together to present the foundation collection. Seeking to explore the history of construction in the early chapters of human civilisation, the collection is inspired by ancient dry stone masonry. Stones were balanced or interlocked with each other without the use of mortar to create structures or buildings that survived thousands of years.



Inspired by the the construction of the old palace wall of the Inca Roca, in Cuzco. A seismic resistant wall was raised, with placing & fitting together large stones of irregular geometry.

The Inca tables is an imaginary look into the cross-section of theses walls. Slabs of wood are carved to shape like stones stacked together.

Wall of The Incas Side Table
Left: Inca 1 (L 12” x W16” x H 16”), Right: Inca 2 (L 15” x W16” x H 16”)
The Neolithic Table
The Neolithic Table


The Neolithic table is inspired by the Megalith of the New Stone Age. Megalith is a prehistoric construction where large stones are hewn together in a definite shape for a special purpose.

The Neolithic table captures the essence of these prehistoric stone structures :shaped like a flat rock balanced on three stone pillars. Available in 2 sizes , it’s a multi-purpose table that can be used as a meeting table or desk.

Designer Sketch
Designer Sketch